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Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.

Under ground-breaking guidance, produced by The Law Society, High Street solicitors will be able to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude unbelievers altogether.

John Piper recently made a number of statements about the nature of Christianity and its necessary masculinity. A summary of what he said can be found here.

There have been many responses to Piper's provocative claims. Two of them are from Jesus Creed and Rachel Held Evans (a collection of responses).


Better Together Study Guide, written by Kevin Giles is now available at leading Christian Bookshops. e.g. Ridley Melbourne Bookshop
Also available from Acorn Books. This is recommended for use by small groups but could also be used by Preachers as the basis for a sermon series.

One of our members, Elizabeth Culhane, has posted a comment on the recent Equal and Complementary Symposium on her blog - on December 31, 2010. It also includes a link to a response by CBE committee member Kevin Giles.


You might also be interested in Prof John Stackhouse's blog entry of Jan 2, 2011 where he discusses his "conversion" to egalitarianism.