Christians for Biblical Equality

On August 7 & 8, 2015  CBE ran their annual Conference.


Below you'll find links to the audio of the main speakers as well as a number of the workshop papers.

Daniel Kirk Scripture in the light of the new creation

Daniel joined Fuller Seminary in 2008 as a faculty member at the Northern California campus, having previously taught at Biblical Seminary and Duke Divinity School. He has a MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary and a PhD, Duke University.

Anthea McCall: Paul’s female co-workers respond to him

Acts and Paul’s letters are striking for the number of female associates who are mentioned, and for the high regard in which Paul holds them. In Romans 16 Paul warmly greets several of his female co-workers. This presentation is a creative and imaginative exploration of how women such as Phoebe, Priscilla, and Junia responded to Paul as pastor in the context of their various ministries and the cultural context of their day. It will also provide a reflection on how Paul’s advice might be received by a woman in leadership today.


Jim Reiher
Jesus and the women he met - PPT here
Jim’s workshop reflects on the actions, attitudes and words of Christ in his encounters with women recorded in the gospels. From seeming to commission the Samaritan woman at the well to evangelise men, or implying that Martha (the sister of Lazarus) was one of the leaders of the early church - to comparing the needs of another woman to that of a dog..... just what was Jesus’ attitude towards women in his day?
Lynn Moresi
Living with doubt in a culture of “hyper-faith”

Over the past seven years, Lynn has been writing her doctoral thesis on the subject of “Equipping Pentecostal Believers to Engage with Stages of Spiritual Darkness and Doubt”. The work she has done provides us with a much-needed framework for understanding and navigating times of uncertainty, doubt, darkness and suffering in the midst of a church culture that is characterised by positive theology and hyper-faith.

Brian Macallan
Neither male nor female, neither black nor white: new creation and the prospect of change

Brian asks the questions what is Biblical, and how does this work out in practice?
Tom & Hannah Craven
Egalitarian marriage and parenting: why is it so hard?- a practical workshop

Many couples hold a commitment to egalitarian ideals, and a desire for a genuine partnership.  Unfortunately much within ourselves, our workplaces, and our society works against us as we strive to put our beliefs into practice.  In this seminar you will have a chance to learn from others, to examine yourself, and to get practical and specific. Couples are encouraged to attend but the workshop is suitable for everyone.

Fiona Burgemeister
Responding to violence against women as a health issue