Christians for Biblical Equality

Core Values

  • Scripture is our authoritative guide for faith, life and practice   
  • Patriarchy (male dominance in not a biblical ideal but the result of sin)   
  • Patriarchy is an abuse of power, taking from females what God has given them: their dignity, freedom, leadership and often their very lives   
  • While the Bible reflects patriarchal culture, the Bible does not teach patriarchy in human relationships   
  • Christ’s redemptive work frees all people from patriarchy, calling women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership   
  • God’s design for relationships includes faithful marriage between a man and a woman, celibate singleness and mutual submission in Christian community   
  • The unrestricted use of women’s gifts is integral to the work of the Holy Spirit and essential to the advancement of the gospel in the world   
  • Followers of Christ are to oppose injustice and patriarchal teachings and practices that marginalise and abuse females and males