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Dr Shane Clifton’s workshop critiquing the conservative position that women and men are equal in being but functionally different – that men function as leaders and women as followers – is based on a chapter from the book Raising Women Leaders: Perspectives on liberation women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Contexts, edited by Shane Clifton and Jacqueline Grey.

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"I just want the violence to stop"


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What is abuse?

  • Every couple has arguments or disagreements. In a respectful and equal relationship, both partners feel free to state their opinions, to make their own decisions, to be themselves, and to say no to sex. In an abusive relationship, one partner tries to dominate the other through physical harm,criticisms, demands, threats, or sexual pressure.

    For the victim and her children, this behaviour can be very dangerous, frightening, confusing and damaging.

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  • Paul does not offer a clear prescriptive statemens
  • Paul answer questions and problems faced by the NT church in its early years
  • When no explicit instructions are given to us we tend to splinter into a myriad of opinions
  • We want to pick and choose texts
  • We are strongly influenced by post-NT church history

Riding the third wave: Biblical Equality in the 21st Century

Presented at The CBE International Conference: Better Together June 11-14, 2010 Melbourne, Australia

As the final speaker for this conference I am taking a somewhat different approach to the issue of biblical equality. My interests lie in both theology and sociology and I am aware that we have had a plethora of excellent biblical and theological teaching over the past three days. My topic lends itself to spending some time in the sociological world and then offering some reflections as to how this might impact our theological exposition into the future.

My topic is "Riding the Third Wave: biblical equality in the 21st century". What better metaphor than surfing could I use in this land of beaches, big waves and surfies? I invite you join me on an exploration of this new wave that has emerged relatively recently. Join me on the shore as we watch the wave, surfboard in hand – assessing its size, its direction and its rideability. Who knows – by the end we may be ready to venture out and take a ride ourselves.

Let me begin by addressing the link between culture and hermeneutics.

Text of Powerpoint slides from the workshop presentation:

How would we know


MDG # 3 - Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

  • Target 3a - Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education preferably by 2005 and to all levels of education no later than 2015

MDG # 5 - Improve Maternal Health